New Service Innovations

Future Skills and Job Crafting

Do you want to develop metaskills for future? Is your organization or team needing job crafting, re-creating your roles from more regenerative view? Do you want to become cocreators of the future in your environment? We are looking for teams, organizations and developers who are ready for co-creating the future in the here and now. This means new ways of perceiving, sensing, thinking and acting. It invites new ways of knowing. There are many new projects starting in this area now. This service is partly funded by TEKES innovation money and it is created by Teila Tanner-Heikkilä and Terhi Takanen.  Please contact and


Rethinking Sustainability

How to rethink sustainability? What happens if we take regenerative development as starting point? How Co-Creative Process® Inquiry is supporting new ways of thinking and acting in the area of sustainability? In the partnership with Aalto’s Art University, we have developed new course format for Creative Sustainable Master Program.  We are now experimenting this with 30 international students in Suomenlinna. We will also make a small action research about this. Watch videos of the course from here


Co-Creating an Eco-System for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Global Renaissance Society is looking for future pioneers working in evolutionary teams for societal innovation in various fields. In practice we are combining universal wisdom, art, nature, beauty, cutting edge-science and technology. Co-Creative Process® Inquiry is at the core of how we work. An international program for training new CCPI- practitioners is under planning on a new co-creative digital platform. The next Global Renaissance Society Gathering is arranged in Tuscany Oct. 20-22, 2017 with world leading experts on the entrepreneurial renaissance, professor Piero Formica and philosopher Fons Elders inspiring co-creation for sensing the emerging future – here and now.  Please contact:


Learning Emotional Intelligence inspired by Co-Creative Process® Inquiry

Joy of Being is a new on-line course format co-created on a platform designed for collaborative learning in small groups to support authentic connection and co-creation. The first pilot is being tested with two groups and the feedback is excellent. Read more at:  Please contact:


Future skills and Job Crafting with the Cards of CoCreation

We are looking for developers and teams/organizations who want to redesign their work creating the future here and now. We are all the creators of the future and we are needed now. The Cards of CoCreation is a tool for redesigning your work and skills, created from the needs of the actors in their own environments. Contact us for more information:


An easy and inspiring way to innovate – TEKES Innovation Money for your company 5 000€ + VAT

Do you want to use TEKES-innovation support to create an international service using co-creative service design? Do you have a new idea that you would want to try out with your clients? Do you need values-based facilitating service design in your service strategy? Please contact:


Co-Creative Art Happenings

We are all artist in one sense- we are co-creating the future from moment to moment. Artistic methods like painting, drawing, sculpting and moving are inviting our creativity, opening new perspectives and supporting our growth. When these are tailored for your team´s purposes, they can support eg. teamwork, innovation sessions or work wellbeing. Through co-creative process methodologies, we can create anything from short 1-day happenings around any theme like wellbeing, leadership, ecological or other communal challenges to longer renewal processes. We can also create artistic environments. Contact